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      2. MXH1100系列簡介
        Humidity and Temperature Sensor IC

        1. FEATURES

         Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor with fully calibrated and
        temperature compensated.
         Various selectable outputs.
        - I2C interface & digital output
        - PWM output (Humidity / Temperature Selectable)
        - Analog output (Humidity / Temperature Selectable)
         Excellent Long term stability.
         Summary
        MXH1100 is a humidity and temperature sensor of Magnachip semiconductor (MX) with
        various output formats. It provides calibrated, linearized signals in digital format, I2C, Pulse Width
        Modulated (PWM) format, and in analog format. Its sensors are individually calibrated and tested.
        The resolution of MXH1100 can be changed by command (8/12bit up to 12/14bit for RH/T). Every
        sensor is individually calibrated and tested. Lot identification is printed on the sensor.